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Cyber Security


The digital transformation revolution has generated new business models and with that, new dangers. Cloud solutions are a perfect example of a growing threat landscape: their flexibility can quickly lead to huge security risks.

Cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a top priority for businesses across the globe and making it a part of the overall company culture is vital and requires full management support.


A variety of tactics to exploit vulnerabilities
Cyber-attacks have grown more sophisticated, from social engineering to ransomware, to exploit vulnerabilities. Still, many companies lack the knowhow when it comes to protecting themselves and building an effective security posture.

Most security incidents reported in 2019 could have been avoided with minimal security policies and technologies in place. Interesting thing, nearly 25% of such incidents result of actions by customers, suppliers and partners. Hence, you need to ensure not only your IT network but rethink the way to technically interact with your business partners.


Cybersecurity services: advise – detect – respond

A strong security posture means you have the people, technology and processes in place to avoid or minimize the effects of cyber-attacks. First, identify and assess what risks might concern your systems, data and other assets. Protect your data by designing and implementing the appropriate measures, such as IT governance, risk assessment and identity and asset management. Invest in ongoing monitoring and health checks such as vulnerability assessment and cloud security review, and make sure you have your security incident management in place to minimize the impact of an attack.


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