Even granted the fact that his sartorial elegance is legendary among the smart set, just why Ted Baker decided to make his name in the world of fashion seems almost as much a mystery as the man himself.Some say it was always a long-standing ambition of Ted's, fuelled and inspired by some private words of encouragement from Ernest Hemingway early one morning in Harry's Bar. Others talk in hushed tones of a eureka moment experienced whilst fly fishing on the chalk streams and rivers of Salisbury, England. One thing's for sure, Ted has always been something of an enigma, travelling the globe, setting rather than following fashion, mixing business and pleasure, wherever the fancy has taken him. A pioneering fashion icon (not to mention an intrepid aviator, all-round sportsman and consort of Princesses and Hollywood beauties), the life, loves and adventures of the debonair Mr. Baker stand testimony to a man whose ambition is to experience everything.

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